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So, What Exactly is a NFC Business Card?

An NFC Business card is a card that can keep up with your business.

Your business moves fast, but this Smart scanning technology instantly brings customers to schedules, signup forms, and everything else that makes your business go. Still got questions. Well here are a few FAQs that may help you out.

1. What is an NFC business card? How do customers use it? Near Field Communication (NFC) is contactless transfer technology similar to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. It allows devices to send and receive bits of data or information. To enable or activate the NFC built into your digital business card, just hold the card up to a smartphone.

2. Why are NFC business cards more expensive? For NFC cards, we use a thicker, 30pt durable plastic. This helps protect the built-in technology and gives the cards better overall durability.

3. Do I need to have a website already to use the NFC business cards with VistaConnect? No – you don’t even need to have a lot of knowledge about the Internet. We’ll help you create and manage your new online experience for customers. See above for more information on what you can do with VistaConnect.

4. Can I connect my NFC business cards to my existing website or other websites? Absolutely. You can link to your existing website, related websites, social media profiles, and more.

5. Who should use NFC business cards?

NFC business cards can be a great choice for certain individuals—they’re fun, trendy, and have that cool factor. They typically work well for people or companies who:

  1. Like having a physical business card

  2. Do all their networking in person

6. What’s the future of NFC business cards?

There’s a reason why NFC business cards are trendy—they’re convenient, are a neat branding opportunity, and have a “cool” factor. Utilizing NFC technology for business cards is a fantastic solution for some, but not all. It’s unclear how long the NFC trend will last; however, there has been a shift in market signal over the past twelve months. NFC-first platforms are now pivoting away from NFC and building digital business card features and capabilities, showing a lowered confidence in NFC technology.

NFC Card with vista print

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